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Call For A Free 15 Min. Consultation: (754) 368-1997
1380 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Suite 242,
North Miami Beach, FL 33179

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The 3 G’s to Healing Your Heart & Your Life



Once you have made up your mind that your relationship is over and can admit to yourself that you have an unhealthy attachment to your ex, you will be able to begin the necessary grieving process. Coming to the end of a relationship can lead to deep grief. Just as we mark the passing of a life, the death of a relationship can inspire similar anguish. In many ways, a breakup can be more difficult to grieve. Your ex is only a phone call, text or Facebook search away and having that temptation can be an incredibly difficult hurdle to overcome.

During this step, we work through the urges and temptations. We will work together to set up necessary boundaries between you and your ex. We will address and understand the anxiety, emotional, and physical pain that you are feeling. Ultimately, we will process the loss you have experienced and work through your concerns and feelings while gaining helpful tools to help you heal.



Amidst sadness, regret, anger and an array of other feelings you are experiencing, it can be difficult to see the beautiful opportunity for growth during such a heart wrenching time. Working with a therapist during this time will encourage you along your journey to healing. You will begin to understand how to let go of emotions that are holding you back from moving forward. This process is extremely challenging but incredibly important in order to regain control.

During this step, self-forgiveness and self-love are the ultimate goal to pave way for going forward. In my experience, these two vital processes, along with letting go of anger take the most time to work through. As you will soon find out, often what takes the most energy to work through is most rewarding on the other side. Finding compassion towards yourself and your ex will be one of the most rewarding and needed experiences to restore your self-esteem. Selfishly this is my favorite step as a therapist, I love witnessing my clients see their own growth and experience their lives transform.



After you have worked through the incredibly challenging but undoubtedly rewarding process of repairing your self-esteem, you are ready to leave the emotional pain of your unhealthy relationship in the past.

During this step, you will learn invaluable tips and tools for maintaining a healthy mindset in order to continue the progress we have made together. Tools such a mindfulness techniques, self-hypnosis, body-scanning, and cognitive-behavior practices are everlasting resources you will keep forever. Lastly, we will go over the signs of how to know when you are ready to date and trust again, tips for dating and how to make sure you have learned from your experience and benefited now that you’ve healed.

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Heal your heart after a breakup.

Your Teen’s First Breakup

Heal after a breakup during a pivotal time of establishing self-esteem.

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Heal and rebuild after a divorce.

Here Is What My Clients Have To Say

"I would like to take a moment to say how grateful I am for the therapy process I went through with you at a time in life when I felt extremely fragile. A transformation period in three major areas, the pillars of support that made my ground shake: health, work and marriage. The sessions with you through that period were essential to keep me stable and focused. Your way of reflecting back my words, like a mirror, adding touches of possible changes, insights and opportunities helped me through that turbulent period. Thank you for your follow-up call a year later. I would like you to know how much I appreciate your professional and personal work. May your life continue to bless and guide the lives of others."

- A

"Alina is not only warm and compassionate, but also an effective teacher and guide. She helped me identify and reverse my negative thoughts, and replace them with positive thoughts and actions. Thanks to her, I no longer feel the paralyzing anxiety that affected me for years, and my quality of life has greatly improved. Thanks, Alina!"

– D

"Alina has been a breath of fresh air to have as my therapist. Her approach is so unique and creative. Going on walks during our sessions has been helpful for me to express myself, my honest feelings just come out. She has been so accommodating and understanding. Thank you for everything you've done to help me."

- Eva

"I had never been to therapy before and I didn't know what to expect. I feel so lucky I got to work with Alina. I felt really comfortable with her. She brought to light things I wasn't even aware of and helped me understand unhelpful patterns I have been repeating for so many years. She's such a warm and welcoming person and an extremely knowledgeable therapist. I was a mess when I first began and I am feeling so much better now, I am so thankful. "

- Stephanie

My 16 year old daughter was very sad and depressed and she would not open up to us. It was affecting her school grades and social life. As soon as she started working with Alina my wife and I saw an immediate and positive improvement. Alina is a great listener as well as suggesting practical strategies that helped my daughter cope with her issues. I highly recommend her as a therapist. "

- MP