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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, millions of people around the world take on the new year as a way to challenge their selves. Whether it’s to lose weight, travel more or to work on themselves to become a better person. The new year always motivates people to make a change. However, what’s also known about these resolutions, is that after the first couple of weeks, people tend to fall off the bandwagon. Here are some tips that will help you stay and commit to your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Tangible goals – Saying something is not as powerful as writing it down and committing to it routinely. For example, saying that you want to lose weight isn’t enough. Writing it down and setting a goal of losing five pounds by the end of February is both reasonable and specific. Make sure you write and plan specific action steps you need to complete each goal. If you naturally become anxious about meeting your goals, this practice is a helpful way to stay on track. Helping you reach your goals, as well as easing your anxiety and lowering chances of not accomplishing your goals.

2. Show some love to yourself – It’s important to not forget about yourself while you are on your way to meeting your goals. Let’s just say that you’re preparing to run a marathon. Every time you put effort into your training, put a quarter or a dollar into a jar. When it’s time for the marathon, you’ll be well trained and you can treat yourself to a new running outfit with the money saved. Staying positive and setting rewards on your way to your big goal will keep you motivated. Remembering to always put yourself and your happiness first. You work hard to accomplish these tangible goals, while learning how to love yourself more along the way. Don’t forget to reward yourself on your journey to meet your goals.

3. Don’t give up – It’s important to remember that you’re only human. At times we tend to be too harsh on ourselves, and forget that we aren’t meant to be perfect. There might be some temptations or setbacks, but it is up to you to remember how hard you’ve worked so far. If you wanted to lose five pounds, and only lost three, celebrate losing those three pounds instead of criticizing yourself for not losing all five. Staying focused and accomplishing goals will help you overcome anxiety and depression.

Living a fulfilled and happy life, stems from maintaining a balance of a healthy and positive lifestyle. Achieving small milestones in your life will have you feeling more positive, accomplished, and motivated to keep pushing for your best self. It’s the beginning of a New Year, and the beginning of a new YOU!

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