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#002: 5 Warning Signs of Toxic Relationships

I discuss the 5 Warning Signs of Toxic Relationships in this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated.

As promised, get the full list: 10 Warning Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship HERE.

If you are in a toxic relationship, then chances are you feel it in your soul.

I know the term “toxic relationship” has a negative ring to it, to say the very least. I also know that these warning signs of a toxic relationship are a necessary eye opener for you.

I am passionate about giving you these Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship because an outrageous amount of people experience them.  Sometimes people are in one without even realizing how bad it really is.

When someone is in this type of a relationship they usually get caught up in emotions and cannot think rationally. Please do not take these signs lightly. If you find yourself thinking “these signs are exactly what I’m going through,” then seek professional help to assist you in deciding if there’s hope for the relationship or if it needs to end for your own sanity and safety.



#001: Relationship Saving Signs

On this first official episode of Relationships Uncomplicated, my co-host Idit Sharoni and I discuss our topic, Relationship Saving Signs.

Find out relationship saving signs to improve your connection today. I believe it’s extremely important for you to hear these words of advice if you are going through a difficult time in your relationship.

We address the key symptoms you may be experiencing in your relationships. We also discuss components we look for in relationships as therapists.

In addition, we explore signs that will tell you whether or not your relationship is worth saving. If you experience fighting and constant frustration on a weekly basis, then hearing these relationship saving signs is definitely for you.

I want you to take full advantage of this podcast. To do so, please download our freebie, The 7 Signs Your Relationships is Worth Saving here:

Additional link mentioned on this episode:


About The Relationships Uncomplicated Podcast

About The Relationships Uncomplicated Podcast

I am so excited to introduce the Relationships Uncomplicated Podcast with you! This podcast is all about bringing you the latest research, resources and tips about relationships.  Whether you are on your way out of an unhealthy relationship or you are trying to make it work, we’ve got you covered!

I look forward to helping you on your relationship journey. I host the Relationships Uncomplicated podcast with my dear friend and colleague, Relationship Expert and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Idit Sharoni. Together we discuss topics such as breakups, divorce, communication, intimacy and more.

In this episode, we share how Relationships Uncomplicated came to life, who our ideal listener is and a little bit about ourselves personally and professionally.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating this episode.

See you next time!

Alina Gershonov, LMFT